Kiss My Book

Kiss My Book

Ruby Crane is a rising literacy star. At fifteen she sold her first book, got a movie deal, scored the hottest guy in school, and became the most popular student at Frasier High. Now, as a soon-to-be junior and published author, she's ready to make waves in New York's literary world. She's about to become famous.But every star falls back to earth one day. And in Ruby's case it's quick, public, and extremely painful. She's accused of plagiarism - on national television. And the worst part is that the proof of her literary lies seems indisputable.

Ruby's skidded straight past famous and landed smack dab in the middle of infamous before she even got to a second printing!

Her friends won't return her phone calls. Her boyfriend's gone AWOL. The media vultures are flying low, and they want answers. So what happens now? Will anyone ever trust Ruby again? Is her life really over?Ruby does what any self-respecting headline would do. She disappears. And that's when her story really begins.

A lover of books, words, and libraries, Jamie Michaels was born and raised in New York City and can often be spotted reading in Central Park, on the subway, or pretty much anywhere.

Kiss My Book
Random House Australia
Author: Jamie Michaels
ISBN: 9781741662856
RRP: $17.95