Kum Nye - By Stephanie Wright

Kum Nye - By Stephanie Wright

The ancient science of Kum Nye: Double your energy levels in just ten minutes a day and change your shape in eight easy moves

Kum Nye is a simple but precise regime that guarantees to significantly increase energy levels, improve fitness and strengthen and tone the body. Based on a system developed in Tibet over thousands of years, this book is the first to bring the techniques to the West as a highly accessible and brilliantly effective package.

Kum Nye consists of 8 positions to be held in sequence for up to 2 minutes. Each position is specifically designed to work on different areas of the body, while developing overall strength and flexibility. But, most importantly, these moves will increase energy levels, stamina and vitality. Such is their efficacy that they must not be done before going to sleep! But should be performed first thing as a truly invigorating morning wake up.

Unlike any other kind of exercise system this can be mastered by anyone- regardless of age and fitness and, as a trained chiropodist, Wright lays emphasis on the benefits of this technique for people suffering from back pain and old injuries. Originally used to prepare Tibetan warriors for war, this ancient science is guaranteed to wake up even the sleepiest of sleepy heads.

Review: Living such hectic lives, it is sometimes is a struggle to make it through the day. The increased pressures we have in our lives with family, social and work commitments mean we are often drained with little time to unwind properly and recharge our batteries. If you start you day with the routine suggested in this book I'm positive you will make it through your day with energy to spare. For me it came at just the right time when I was close to burn out.

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