Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret

Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret

Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret

The much anticipated sequel to the award-winning Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret.

Kumiko is the only one who can rescue her sister. But does she have the courage to face what even dragons are afraid of?

In this sequel to the Aurealis award-winning Kumiko and the Dragon, danger surrounds Kumiko and her family. A mysterious group of sorcerers called the Shadow Catchers kidnap Kumiko's younger sister, Arisu, seeking to absorb the magical powers of the dragons through the royal human bloodline of Kumiko's family.

Based on stories passed down by her Japanese grandmother and beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Briony Stewart herself, Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret continues the adventure of Kumiko, a young Japanese girl who is guarded by her dragon Tomodo.

In Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret , Stewart has given life to a cast of richly painted character, with dragons of all shapes, sizes and personalities united in the protection of Kumiko's family.

"What about the girl?"
I look up, my skin prickling. How hadn't I noticed? Sobs and sighs tumble from every dragon around the temple as Rahzoo breathes the word, "Taken."
"What do you mean taken?" I say. The dragons are silent. I turn to Tomodo. "What do they mean?"

When Kumiko discovers that she is the only one who can save her sister from the Shadow Catchers, her courage will be put to the ultimate test.Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret is a captivating and engaging story of the power of courage and family.

Born in Western Australia in 1984, Briony Stewart grew up in the inner city suburbs of Perth, peeping over alleyway fences in search of great mysteries and honing her excellent tree climbing abilities. Despite dabbling in entomology, crime solving and a desire to own a deli, Briony showed a talent for both art and writing during her school years.

At 15 she deiced she would not be happy unless she could become both an author and an artist. After receiving a scholarship from the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Briony went on to study a double degree in fine art and creative writing at Curtin University.

Shortly after graduating, she published her first book, Kumiko and the Dragon, which won the Aurealis Award for Children's Short Fiction, and was a CBCA Notable Book of 2008. Briony currently lives in Perth with her partner Harry and their beloved pet rabbit Winston, writing and illustrating for children.

Kumiko and the Dragon's Secret
Author: Briony Stewart
ISBN: 9780702231805
Price: $14.95