Laura Wiess's novels are emotionally haunting, yet compelling; once you start reading you just can't put them down. Leftovers and Such a Pretty Girl have just been re-released in a stylish new edition.

After committing a horrific crime, teenagers Blair and Ardith confess everything at the home of the only adult they trust, a police officer. But as their story unfolds it becomes clear that the act was not one of malice or revenge, but rather one borne of fierce loyalty and of an imaginable desperation.

Blair and Ardith are friends who have found comfort and solace in each other. Both have been written off by abusive parents and mocked and shunned by their classmates. And when that haven of friendship was threatened, they realised they would have to do everything in their power to protect it. Whatever the cost.

Laura Wiess lives in an old farmhouse at the edge of the woods in Pennsylvania, with her husband and an assortment of rescued animals.

Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Laura Wiess
ISBN: 9781847393128
Price: $19.95

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