Letters to a Princess

Letters to a Princess

A powerful novel for young adults about the power of celebrity, and growing up the hard way.

Libby Hathorn wrote 'Letters to a Princess' ten years ago, immediately after Princess Diana's untimely death. For Libby, it seemed a 'wave' of emotion, surprise and grief swept around the globe and she was taken up with this tragic story.

The first draft, which had much mroe focus on Princess Diana's demise, was considered 'a little tasteless' by her then publishers, so was put on hold for some time.

Says Libby "I'm glad it wasn't published then, as years later I wrote a second draft, where the main character of Diana Moore was much stronger. Then there was a third draft which was enriched by talks with current students of Sydney Girls High, where it is largely set, and importantly with a range of people who knew about anorexia. This included a consultant in the area, and a young woman who'd been hospitalised in her teens".

'Letters to a Princess' takes a positive message out there to young people.

Letters to a Princess
My name is Diana Moore and I'm the kind of girl who doesn't stand out from the crowd. Average height. Average curly brown hair. The only thing not average about me is that I seem to land in trouble on a regular basis. My mum died suddenly a year ago and I don't get on with my stepfather. Among other things, he keeps telling me I have an eating disorder. As for his loudmouth son, Marcus, I won't even go there..... if it weren't for Babs, Zoe and my letters to Princess Diana, I'd have lost it by now.

About the Author
Libby Hathorn is one of Australia's most highly regarded writers for children and has been published extensively overseas. She has won numerous awards and honours for her work in children's literature including a Centenary Medal.

Letters to a Princess
ABC Books
Author: Libby Hathorn
ISBN: 9780733320750
RRP: $14.95