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Life Lessons to Learn From Your Dog

Life Lessons to Learn From Your Dog

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought that they definitely have this -life' thing sorted? There are some lessons to be learned from our canine companions that may just help you find that world of eternal sunshine within which they seem to exist.

Be Happy.

Happiness is contagious. Dogs have no problem expressing their infinite happiness, and it instantly lifts the mood and energy of those around them. Bounce out of bed and be excited about what today will bring! Spread that positive energy and brighten up someone else's day with your smile. And don't be afraid to play if you want to play. We all need to have a little fun in our lives.

Live in the now.

Dogs live for this very moment. They don't care that you trod on their tail five minutes ago. They're not worried about what's for dinner. All they care about is that perfect square of sunshine they just spotted that they MUST enjoy immediately. Appreciate what is in front of you and live in the now.

Don't take yourself so seriously.

Dogs don't care if people think they look funny. There is no time for self-consciousness or worrying about how you look. As far as they're concerned, mirrors exist only to contain their mysterious clone that copies their every move.

Listen. Not just to the words being said.

Dogs have such beautiful souls it is as if they can hear what is inside our hearts. When someone looks like they might need some help, be there and take the time to stop and listen. Listen not just to the words someone is saying, but to what is not being said aloud as well. Sometimes sitting quietly with someone is all they need.

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

You are your dog's world. They rely on you for everything and you never let them down. You love them unconditionally, even when they've eaten a sixth pair of shoes this month. You are generous every time you slip them the last bite of your food. You play and you laugh and you would do anything for them. So be that person, but in every aspect of your life. The world would be a much better place if we all had the hearts of dogs!

Author Bio: Tamara Paulin is a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady and blogger on She has recently completed a Psychology degree with Honours, and loves nothing more than cuddles with her favourite, furry friends. Connect with her on Google+


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