Living Next to Lulah

Living Next to Lulah

There are some secrets you can't even tell your best friend.

"Lulah's my friend. We're on a wavelength. We could guess what the other's thinking. If you're on a wavelength, it might be the same as saying the words out loud. And I was thinking them, wasn't I, when she followed Samson out there and down the path. Even if she doesn't hear me, there are others that do. Secret others. Silent ones who pass like a cloud too close to a mountain top, felt but not seen."

Ari and Lulah have been best friends almost forever. Living next to each other, they share every little secret. At least they did, until Ari began dating Samson, and Lulah started to slip away from her - and developed a secret life of her own. One that Ari knows nothing about.

Now Ari thinks Lulah might want to come between her and Samson. Ari fears that in her jealousy she will bring harm to her friend. For as the seventh born of the seventh born, Ari has the gift of second sight. She didn't ask for this gift, and when her little brother's annoying friend Colin Bucket dies, she hates it more than ever - because Ari is certain that her gift has sent Colin to his death...

Living Next to Lulah
Harper Collins Publishers
Author: Nette Hilton
ISBN: 0207200572
RRP: $16.95