Lucky Star Cathy Cassidy

Lucky Star Cathy Cassidy

"I don't even know why I did it, except that I like graffiti art and I honestly thought that the wall by the gym could do with brightening up...."

Mouse is doing his best to stay out of trouble. Cat is doing her best to land herself in it.

They've both had it pretty tough so when they meet by chance they thank their lucky stars. Weird and wonderful things happen when they're together - but how long can it last? Because everyone has their secrets - and there can only be one winner in a game of cat and mouse.

Cathy Cassidy is the author of Sundae Girl, Dizzy, Indigo Blue, Driftwood, and Scarlett. Cathy wrote her first picture book for her little brother when she was eight or nine. She loved making comics - pages and pages of picture stories, features and competitions which she'd sell to friends. Eventually she went to Art College and then worked as fiction editor on the fab and legendary 'Jackie' (UK) magazine. She now lives in Scotland with her husband Liam and their two teenage children. Cathy lvoes old clothes, old toys, cars and books. She is a vegetarian and eats lots of chocolate. Writing is her favourite job - it's the perfect excuse to daydream, after all.

Review: Cathy Cassidy is easy to read and appeals to young girls who enjoy daydreaming. Lucky star is upbeat and mischievous and a delight to relax away the hours.

Lucky Star
Penguin Australia
Author: Cathy Cassidy
Age: 8-13
ISBN: 9780141322117
RRP: $14.95