How to Master the Perfect Brow for Your Face Shape

How to Master the Perfect Brow for Your Face Shape

How to Master the Perfect Brow for Your Face Shape

There is no denying it, your brows are the not-so-secret key to defining your facial features and can completely shape your face! Achieving the perfect eyebrow shape can be a difficult task and unfortunately the one-size-fits-all mentality cannot be applied.

So to help we spoke with Brow expert and founder of iBoutique, Bree Cowen, to get her top tips on enhancing your look with the perfect brows. Sit back ladies, all your questions are about to be answered!

A classic, well balanced brow is perfect for this well-proportioned face shape. For those of you with an oval face shape, the key is to create a soft angled eyebrow with a moderate arch. To do so, extend the end of the brow out horizontally, rather than striking downward.

This is one of the most common face shapes! The brow solution? A flat shape, focusing on its horizontal line will help shorten the appearance of your longer face.

High arches and sharp angles are your go-to! If you have a round face you want to create the illusion of a longer face. Steer clear from rounded shapes and embrace preciseness. You want to focus on vertical counterpoints to draw the viewer's eyes up and down. This will also help to lengthen your face shape.

Are your forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost all the same width? Yep, you have a square face. It is crucial that you create a statement brow to soften and balance out the distinctiveness of your jawline. The solution? A defining sharp peak at the top of the brow, making it appear stronger. Handy tip – Determine how sharp you angle your brows by how strong your jawline is!

If your forehead is a prominent feature, your chin is slightly pointy and your face is strongly tapered towards your chin… you have a heart shaped face. To achieve the best brows with this shape, you want to soften and balance out these prominent features. Create a low, slightly straight arch with a dash of volume to hug your brow bone.

If your face is all about angles, then you most likely have a diamond shaped face. Your primary goal here is to soften the angles and lessen the width of your face. This is why you should learn to love your curves! You want to create curve-shaped brows. Doing this will soften and reduce the widest features of your face.

For more information or advice from Bree on brow shaping or cosmetic tattooing, visit iBoutique.