Miley Cyrus Me & You Star of Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus Me & You Star of Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus Me & You includes everything you need to know about the singing sensation and secret popstar. Learn about Miley's style, her looks, her crushes and her friends. Find out about how she prepared for the role of her life as Hannah Montana and how you too can create your own incredible popstar persona. And with a free pull-out bedroom posteryou can decide whether you are having a Miley day or a Hannah day ... hey, perhaps both?!

So, have yourself the best of both worlds and see the best of both girls: Hannah and you!

With over 60 pages packed full of pictures and facts about the all-singing, all acting double pop star sensation, found out:
- who Miley Cyrus perfers to be: Miley Stewart or Hannah Montana
- the on set secrets and insider gossip on the record-breaking show
- how to get Miley's style and how to create your own secret pop star
- Miley's star friendships and her sleepover and slumber party tips

Filled with quotes, photographs and a free bedroom poster, Miley Cyrus Me & You will keep even the most crazy Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fans in the know.

Review: Full of great stage, tv, premiere & tv snaps and personal information, you can't go wrong with a copy of 'Miley Cyrus Me & You Star of Hannah Montana' for girls aged 5+, we all love Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus Me & You Star of Hannah Montana
Author: Posy Edwards
ISBN: 9781409100751
RRP: $19.99