My Desperate Love Diary

My Desperate Love Diary

An hilarious and excruciating diary of a teenage girl who wants bigger boobs, blonder hair - and the biggest idiot in school to fall in love with her.

Kelly Ann is fifteen and desperately in love with G - the biggest idiot in school. Her best friends Liz and Stephanie can see how awful G is - and also that Kelly Ann's quietly gorgeous friend Chris is madly in love with her. But Kelly Ann stumbles along blindly, unable to see what's right in front of her eyes.

Navigating her way through teenage embarrassments, Kelly Ann is a hilariously endearing character and one every female reader, whatever age, will be able to relate to.

"There's G. Isn't he gorgeous? I think he just looked at me - well, he looked in my direction anyway. Do you think he'd ask me out if I dyed my hair and got breast implants?"

My Desperate Love Diary
Distributor: Random House Australia
Author: Liz Rettig
ISBN: 0552553328
RRP: $16.95