My Life and other Catastrophes

My Life and other Catastrophes

The first in the Girlfriend Fiction series, this is a very funny look at a tumultuous six months in the life of (not so) typical Erin Costello. Girlfriend Fiction: real life, real emotions, great stories.

Ever get the feeling your life would qualify for National Disaster Relief? Say hello to Erin Costello.

Erin's pretty much your average teenage girl ... except that her mother has all the maternal instincts of a black widow spider, and her dad is out of work and completely clueless. That's probably why they're divorced. Not that anyone except Erin seems to care. Certainly not Erin's sucky little brother Ben, who's too busy making money, or her best friend, Rami, who is turning into a fanatical environmental activist - with the emphasis on mental. And definitely not Creepazoid - Erin's mum's new boyfriend - who may or may not be a drug-dealing pervert disguised as a mild-mannered PE teacher! It's an eventful year for Erin Costello, but is her imagination running wild?

'I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!! It was deadly realistic writing which was funny and convincing at the same time! I'm recommending this book to all my friends.' - Sophie, age 15, Silverfish Book Group

About Rowena Mohr
Rowena Mohr grew up in rural Queensland. While her brothers and sisters were out milking cows and driving tractors, Rowena stayed inside and read, or acted out her own stories in the bush surrounding the house. She successfully avoided becoming a writer for many years, working as an actor on TV shows such as 'Carson's Law' and 'Neighbours'. Eventually she went back to uni and began writing stories for children and young adults inspired by her own remembered experiences of how simultaneously awful and wonderful being a teenager really is. She now works as a theatrical agent, representing 270 performers aged between four and fifty. Rowena lives in Northcote, Melbourne. My Life and Other Catastrophes is her first novel for teenagers.

My Life and other Catastrophes
Allen & Unwin
Author: Rowena Mohr
ISBN: 9781741752861
RRP: $14.95