Orlando Kallen Interview

Orlando Kallen Interview

How would you describe your music?

I would describe my music as Pop Rock with a twist of

Can you tell us about (your new song/upcoming gig/video), what was the inspiration?

I wrote "Ex Wants Me Dead" after a breakup. I feel like after a relationship ends, you go through cycles of emotions. You go from loving them, to hating them, to missing them, to being glad it's over… This song is about how a relationship can turn sour.

The video process was insane. We came up with the concept, finished the treatment, shot the video and edited it all in 4 days. Sh*t was crazy!!! But I'm really proud of how it turned out, and loved how everyone came together to make it happen.

What are you musical influences?

My influences are Lenny Kravitz, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. I grew up listening to so many different genres of music and had so many inspirations, but I feel like these people have paved the way for who I am as an artist.


Do you prefer performing live or recording?

I love both, but performing live on stage is unexplainable, scary but so magical when you get in the flow.

What should we expect from your upcoming shows?

My dream is to go BIG!!!


How did the band come together?

I'm scoping some amazing young talent to join me on this crazy ride ahead.

What motivates you most when writing music?

Inspiration presents itself to me in so many different ways. I feel like there is no formula to songwriting. Sometimes I get inspired by experiences, or sometimes it's a quote I heard, a random sound, or a visual that comes to life with beats.  For "Ex Wants Me Dead", I was just in my room thinking about our good times together, then it all turned dark real quick, where I thought "what if my ex wanted to kill me for breaking up with her"… And then the melody and lyrics kind of just poured out from there.


Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Right now I'm listening to Dominic Fike, Måneskin, The Killers and Miley Cyrus.

What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

I've always wanted to be an artist from a young age. It must have been from my grade 3 talent contest where I entered as a duet with my younger sister. We killed it, bad pitch and all.  Performance love is dedicated to Elvis where his music and talent really spoke to me.  


If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

I really want to collab with Miley Cyrus, Sabrina Carpenter and Dominic Fike.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the music industry?

Staying true to who I am as an artist and standing out with all the amazing talent that's gracing us today. Growing up with so many different inspirations, my music taste is so versatile and I just want to explore everything and leave my own mark.


What's next, for you?

I'm excited to drop my next single and prepare to release my album very soon… Stay tuned. 

Can you share your socials?





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