Ozmedica Dermasweep Skin Rejuvenation Review

Ozmedica Dermasweep Skin Rejuvenation Review

Ozmedica Dermasweep Skin Rejuvenation Review

Review: Whilst being surrounded by beauty products and amazing skincare in my office, you'd think I had flawless skin… *spoiler* I don't. I'm so careful about what I eat and drink, I work out regularly and spend a lot of money on my hair but when it comes to skincare my care-factor drops off to about 0. As we approached the middle of the year, I'd begun ticking off goals on my New-Year-Resolution list and that's when I was reminded that I said I'd sort out my skin...

My skin is quite 'clear' from afar but up-close it's a different story, I thought I had oily skin (but apparently it's actually dry) with blackheads and red spots. Enter the gorgeous and experienced Anu at Ozmedica with the Dermasweep Skin Rejuvenation treatment; which for those uneducated in skincare-talk like me, is a fancier, more advanced, microdermabrasion treatment.

Ozmedica also offers SculpSure and Tattoo Removal (I think this could get very popular, very soon); more details below for those interested.

After my first Dermasweep Skin Rejuvenation treatment I noticed that my skin was an even colour but more notably, I was glowing (I thought so and the cashier at Coles and my partner agreed, both unprompted, I might add). I'm sure the glow was 80% the treatment and 20% how happy I was with the results (Blackheads? New Phone, Who's This?).

The processes (I'm going by what the very knowledgeable Anu said because I was so comfortable with her that she could have done anything and I'd have agreed) began with a Microdermabrasion (super-intense) exfoliation, then a circulation treatment prior to the hydrating infusion and massage. Anu also performed a great extraction (because it was needed) on my problem spots to clear congestion.

The Dermasweep is almost like a vacuum system which softly sucks the skin removing the dead layers and finishes with a hyaluronic acid solution where the skin is extremely well hydrated to increase collagen and firming. Although loud and slightly weird the treatment was pain-free, relaxing and definitely cleansing.

Anu was kind enough to show me the residue that she'd removed from my face with the thorough Dermasweep – she was very proud of her work quality, as was I because I'm so glad that wasn't on my face anymore… #gross

Two nights on, since the treatment, I still hadn't reached for my camouflaging makeup because I didn't want to ruin how clean my face feels. Unhygienically I can't stop touching my face - it feels so hydrated and smooth plus my pores are squeaky clean… and I've booked another treatment!

Dermasweep Skin Rejuvenation is recommended for those with wrinkles, uneven skin texture, hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, sun damaged skin, oily skin and of course, those who need to pay more attention to their skin (whether it's a New Year's Resolution or not).
-Brooke Hunter

Ozmedica Treatments:


Latest fat reduction laser treatment to arrive in Australia is now available at Melbourne Clinic, Ozmedica.

The latest fat reduction laser treatment to arrive in Australia, also known as 'body contouring' - which is setting a new trend in speedy cosmetic procedures for time poor consumers - is now available at a boutique clinic in Melbourne.

Leading beauty and anti-ageing skin clinic, Ozmedica, is now offering SculpSure – and is one of only three clinics in Melbourne to provide this non-invasive lipolysis, state-of-the-art technology. SculpSure is the world's first FDA approved, TGA listed non-invasive fat reduction alternative to other extreme and costly fat-reduction procedures. The SculpSure treatment targets stubborn fat in problem areas and is capable of destroying 24% of treated fat cells without surgery.

Ozmedica Clinician, Amelia Trayhurn, says that convenience and recovery time are often areas of concern amongst patients undergoing cosmetic procedures but SculpSure is setting a new trend in speed.

"We're really excited and privileged to be one of only three clinics in Melbourne to offer SculpSure. This revolutionary treatment is a great and effective non-surgical fat reduction alternative– undergoing surgery for fat reduction treatment is not for everyone. However, with SculpSure, people now have the option to choose a treatment that has no recovery time and is very quick. People can have the treatment on their lunch break and return to work immediately after!

"The procedure lasts for 25 minutes and can destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells and the great thing is, people can see results after only one treatment,"
added Amelia.

Amelia says it's very important that patients understand that SculpSure is a not a weight-loss treatment and won't deliver miracles overnight.

"When people make the decision to undergo a fat reduction treatment, it's not a decision that's taken lightly and is often the result of a patient feeling unhappy with their body, that has culminated over a number of months. It's only natural that patients want to see miracle results overnight but we always stress that there's a difference between weight loss and fat reduction – SculpSure will reduce stubborn fat and aid weight loss when other factors such as a healthy diet and exercise are incorporated into the journey."

The treatment works by placing up to four flat, non-suction applicators on the skin, that utilise controlled, light based technology which targets and permanently destroys stubborn fat cells. Most patients can expect to feel a tingling sensation intermittently throughout the treatment, which is generally well tolerated.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a gentle rhythmic surface massage that helps stimulate blood flow and relieve tension in the face, head, legs and arms that is caused by daily stresses, colds and sleeplessness. It is performed by our specifically trained lymphatic massage specialist and is perfect for people experiencing swollen legs and arms plus relieving recurrent infections such as colds, flu and sinus infections.


Ozmedica has introduced waxing services that covers all area of the body. Their trained female clinicians have over 10 years of waxing experience and will leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied that your waxing needs are taken care of.

Activating Complex facial

This is a hydrating facial where hyaluronic acid is used to restore the volume to the skin and provide deep, long lasting hydration. Advanced peptides and anti-oxidants are applied to boost the skins benefits. The main benefits of this facial is to reduce fines lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful contoured look.

For further information on Ozmedica and the treatments they offer, visit www.ozmedica.com.au