A startling and original dystopian vision of the urban future- a world in which people are pawns and your future is predestined by place of birth.

Pastworld. A city within a city. A city for excursions and outings. Pastworld is a theme park with difference, where travelers can travel back in time for a brush with an authentic Victorian past. But what if the Jack the Ripper figure stopped play-acting and really started killing people?

For Caleb, a tourist visiting Pastworld from the stifling and highly regulated world of 2048, things go terribly wrong when his father is kidnapped and he finds himself accused of murder. Then Caleb meets Eve, a lifelong Pastworld inhabitant who has no idea the modern world exists and that she has been living in simulation.

Both Caleb and Eve have roles to play in the murderer's diabolical plans- roles that reveal disturbing truths about their origins.

Ian Beck is well known as an illustrator as well as more recently a writer of young fiction with the publication of very successful Tom Trueheart titles by OUP. This is his first foray in to the world of teen fiction to which he has brought a powerful and compelling voice.

Ian lives in West London. He began his career as an illustrator working on album covers including the still in print classic cover for Elton John's album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Allen and Unwin
Author: Ian Beck
Price: $16.99