Pet Palace

Pet Palace

When a mysterious neighbor moves next door and renames the house 'Pet Palace', Angie and her brother Jeremy watch in amazement as a succession of pampered pets alive. A limo drops off a Dalmation with a diamond-studded collar, a floppy black rabbit arrives in a Mercedes and two poodles with bows in their hair prance out of a Rolls Royce.

But is the house really a palace for pets? Are the pampered pets being treated properly? Jeremy decides it is his duty to find out, and disguises himself as an animal welfare inspector so that he and Angie can investigate.

What they find inside the Pet Palace is so surprising they decide all the pets must be set free.

Adrienne Frater writes plays and stories for children, and stories for adults as well. When she was Jeremy's age she had three pets: a black cat with half a tail, a budgie who liked cornflakes and a naughty goat.

Ben Redlich has been drawing for as long as he can remeber. He has illustrated several children's books, including: 'The Great Monefiasco' and 'Circus Carnivore'. Ben dreams of one day training a monkey to illustrate some books for him.

Pet Palace
Lothian Books
Author: Adrienne Frater
illustrator: Ben Redlich
ISBN: 0734408463
RRP: $10.95