Phoebe Nash Detective

Phoebe Nash Detective

Phoebe Nash Detective

The book tells the tale of Sospeter's journey to Australia where love, mystery and adventure ensues. With him comes the famous, sapphire-studded Blue Leopard mask-and when one of the sapphires is stolen, Phoebe is a prime suspect.

Can she clear her name, as well as that of Sospeter's father, who is accused of shooting a rare white rhino?
Can Phoebe set everything right again?

Is the photo real, or a fake?
And who was the mysterious attacker?

Justin D'Ath is the author of 30 books for children and young adults, including the hugely popular Extreme Adventures series. Other books include Astrid Spark, Fixologist, The Skyflower, Robbie and the Dolphins, Infamous, and Why did the Chykkan cross the Galaxy?

Phoebe Nash Detective
Laguna Bay Publishing
Author: Justin D'Ath
Price: $14.95

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