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Pink Lipgloss

I want to wear this cool pale pink lipgloss that looks good on all my friends, but my lips are dark and the colour looks different on me. How can I look like I'm wearing the colour that is in the tube?

Dark Lips

Hi Dark Lips

Beauty Doc tip:

Use a creamy concealer all over your lips before you apply your gloss - this will not only hold the colour on for longer, it will mean that you will see exactly the colour you chose to buy!

For the ultimate glossy pretty in pink pout, applying concealer a shade lighter than your foundation will block out the natural pigment of your lips. The colour of your lipgloss then becomes the colour that you see, as normally glosses allow the natural colour of your lips to blend with the shade of gloss you apply, so colours tend to look slightly different on everyone.

You can use a cotton tip, your finger, or a concealing brush to apply the concealer, and make sure it is a creamy concealer, or it will dry your lips out too much. By covering your entire lip area with concealer, you will get a stronger shade of your pale rosy pinks, and the look is much cleaner.

Using a lip pencil under your gloss can also alter the colour of your gloss, but adds long lasting power to your gloss, so choose a colour that is the same or slightly lighter than your gloss, to accentuate your pale pink.

TRY: Clinique's City Stick concealer with SPF 15, which is especially good for under lipgloss, as lips are more susceptible to sun in a gloss. Most lipsticks have an SPF of at least 4 due to their more opaque coverage, while a sheer gloss provides little protection.

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