Pirates Drive Buses

Pirates Drive Buses

A bouncy, exuberant and crazy pirate adventure, in which Billy and Heidi find themselves helping a pirate recover his stolen ship. Along the way, they discover that monkey crabs are very tricky creatures, that a parrot-pig called Polly is full of surprises, and that pirates are very bad drivers.

'Oh, blow me pants down! Not monkey-crabs!'

The pirate is back, full of beans and with a busload of VERY unusual passengers. His ship, the SS You Beauty, has been stolen by the worst kind of ship stealer there is, and he needs Billy and Heidi's help. So, butter your bathers! Lift the seaweed anchor! Feather your swordfish! And get set for another crazy pirate adventure. But watch out - pirates are very, very bad drivers.

When he isn't looking for treasure, Pirate runs a bus tour for starfish, octopi, turtles and seahorses. The sea creatures love to see the way landlubbers live.... almost as much as they love a visit to the enigmatic Mr Meddleboots floating shop.

But all is not well: Pirate's prized ship, the SS You Beauty, has been stolen by a troupe of mischievous monkey-crabs. Billy, Heidi, Polly and Pirate must abadon bus to recapture the ship.... with a little help from their friend the blue speckled mudskipper.

Along the way, the children discover that monkey-crabs have a few tricks up their sleeves... that Polly the parrot pig can still surprise them... that blue speckled mudskippers love being on... and that pirates are very bad drivers.

Christopher Morgan became a writer because he broke his leg, and needed a job he could do at his desk. In the past, he has been a musician, a furniture maker and a public servant. Chris filled his desk with pictures of pirates and sailing ships, an old telescope and a treasure map, and started writing. Pirates Eat Porridge was his first children's book. His first novel for adults, The Island of Four Rivers, was published by Scribe in July 2006.

Neil Curtis drew from the time he could hold a crayon. He was an acclaimed artist, exhibiting both in Australia and internationally. As well as his first collaboration with Christopher Morgan, Pirates Eat Porridge, Neil's books include the award-winning and much loved Cat and Fish and its sequel Cat and Fish Go to See (both written by Joan Grant) and his poignant illustrated memoir, The Memory Book. Neil was the recipient of the Australian Writers' and Art Directors'

Review: Pirates Drive Buses captivates young minds with an entertaining story so they enjoy reading.

Pirates Drive Buses
Allen & Unwin
Author: Christopher Morgan
Illustrator: Neil Curtis
ISBN: 9781741751468
RRP: $12.95