Pirates Eat Porridge

Pirates Eat Porridge

Did you know that pirates can't swim? That seagulls can speak? And that pirates who stay out too late get into big trouble.

When a very loud pirate arrives unannounced at Billy and Heidi's house, he demands to know 'What sort of ship is this anyway?'

As Billy and Heidi find themselves obeying the pirate's orders, their house heads out to sea and an amazing adventure begins.

So, hoist th e sails! Man the poop deck! Come on a crazy pirate adventure - the first in a new series - and find out what priates really do when they find treasure.

Short, illustrated and outrageously funny! You will thoroughly enjoy this unpredictable adventure, as they sail their 'fish-finger' house to Itchy Ear Island, and learn all sorts of quirky facts about pirates, parrots and cabbages along the way.

'Who is the captain of this here fish finger house?'

Billy was in his tree house when the treasure map blew in and then his sister, Heidi, called, 'There's a pirate at our door! And a pig.' Well, the pirate stomped down the hallway and wanted to know what sort of a ship this was, and where the sails were, and which way to the galley. And then he sat in Dad's chair, pulled a spoon from his pocket and said,

'Where's my porridge?'

So, hoist the sails! Man the poop deck! Come on a crazy pirate adventure and find out what pirates really do when they find treasure.

Christopher Morgan became a writer because he broke his leg, and needed a job he could do at his desk. In the past, he has been a musician, a furniture maker and a public servant. Chris filled his desk with pictures of pirates and sailing ships, an old telescope and a treasure map, and started writing. His first novel for adults is called The Island of Four Rivers. He lives in Melbourne.

Neil Curtis has been drawing from the time he could hold a crayon. He is an acclaimed artist, and exhibits both in Australia and internationally. Neil has illustrated many children's books, including Cat and Fish, which won the 2004 CBCA Picture Book of the Year Award; Mr Noah and the Cats, which was shortlisted for the 2005 CBCA Award; and The Memory Book, his poignant illustrated memoir.

Pirates Eat Porridge
Allen & Unwin
Author: Christopher Morgan
illustrator: Neil Curtis
ISBN: 1741148766
RRP: $12.95