Rule Maker or Rule Breaker?

She who has the boys makes the rules

Among the Goldens at Emory High, Lilah Covington is Platinum - the hottest of the hot. She's popular, beautiful, and much smarter than she looks and believes she's in complete control of her own destiny.

However ever since terminally uncool Lissy James arrived in town, Lilah's perfect world has been coming unhinged. No one else ca see the ghost who's trailing her around campus, and forget the rumour mill - her memories have her more sidetracked than any gossip could.

It looks as if James family legacy of supernatural sight might be contagious. And to make matters worse, mutiny is brewing among the Goldens, and if Lilah isn't careful, she may just lose her top-tier boyfriend to her second-in-command.

Lilah knows the rules better than anyone, but between her newfound visions, an absolutely fatal attraction to a boy who isn't real, and the threat of a supernatural enemy with a sting deadlier than any Queen Bee, it's going to take everything Lilah has to stay on top at Emory. And to prove once and for all that those who make the rules are the only ones who can break them.

'O.C. meets The Ghost Whispering' in a fabulous teen drama with a twist of the supernatural.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a graduate of Yale University. She wrote her first novel Golden at the age of 19. She is currently completing her PHD in cognitive science.The closet things she has to magical powers are the ability to guess the number of siblings a person has upon first meeting them, and a supernatural knack for getting good parking spaces at the mall.

Random House Australia
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Book: Teen Drama
ISBN: 9781741662276
RRP: $17.95