Play School Numbers & Words

Play School Numbers & Words


In Words, little ones will enjoy learning familiar words with their best friends from Play School. Each page highlights a specific word with a picture as well as a popular verse or rhyme that includes the word. Some of the words include chair, house, clock, teddy bear, teapot, frogs, birds, butterflies and fish, to name a few.


In Numbers, your favourite Play School characters will help little ones count to ten and back again! Numbers starts with the rhyme 'One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive'. And goes on to feature a number over a double-page spread. There are images relating to the number and verse to go with it.

Play School Numbers & Words
ABC Books
Price: $12.95 each
ISBN: 9780733323075 (Words)
ISBN: 9720733323188 (Numbers)