Please Mum, Dont Supersize Me

Please Mum, Dont Supersize Me


Australia's leading health and wellness duo, Richard and Joey Marc, are taking the battle against childhood obesity into their own hands. With the government's growing concern and recent call to action, urging parents to make sure that children exercise more, Richard and Joey claim that the government should be doing more to stop obesity levels increasing.

With a practice what you preach approach, Richard Marc says, "We believe that to teach young and impressionable minds a healthy way of life, parents need to lead by example - The environment parents provide for their children will determine the habits they develop for life. An overweight parent is more likely produce an overweight child."

"With the increased temptation provided by both the fast food and technology industries, childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in Australia and across the world. Because of what they have learned growing up in today's society parents are more inclined to feed their children convenient, greasy and unhealthy fast food and entertain them on the couch with electronic games. Twenty years ago a healthy home cooked meal and playing outside was more common."

"We strongly believe that the increasing obesity problem is caused by the growing number of convenient options available to parents, causing a trickle down effect from generation to generation. Governments need to rectify this problem immediately by either regulating the fast food industry or by educating parents more effectively." he concluded.

While the federal government works on plans to see children as young as four put on the scales before starting kindergarten, Richard and Joey believe that while it is acceptable to monitor early childhood development, even more emphasis should be placed on educating parents about the damaging effects, on future generations, of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Co-founders of Marc Wellness International, Richard and Joey have extensive international backgrounds in health and wellness, fitness, early childhood and adolescent development, family health, and children's entertainment - their book Please Mum Don't Supersize Me! is full of information that the government should use to educate people about healthy living.

Aimed at parents and families who are unsure about how to create a healthier lifestyle for their children, 'Please Mum, Don't Supersize Me!', provides the essential building blocks to maintaining a happy family unit and preventing childhood obesity and other weight related health problems.

'Please Mum, Don't Supersize Me!' gives children an increased self esteem, a healthy approach to living and the motivation to set goals - while also allowing parents to open at any page and discover a new healthier habit for their child.

Richard and Joey's book Please Mum Don't Supersize Me! is the perfect educational manual for parents concerned that their children may be showing signs of obesity.

Please Mum Don't Supersize Me! includes:
Information for parents on when weight gain occurs
Reasons why kids gain weight
Other weight related health problems
Establishing healthy eating and exercise habits for life
How families an lose weight the safe way
Educational information on the energy scale, energy intake and energy out
Handy tips for parents to help motivate their kids

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