Pure Skin Organic Beauty Basics

Pure Skin Organic Beauty Basics

Treating your face with all natural products made from quality organic ingredients isn't a luxury - it's smart skin care. Let spa expert 'Barbara Close' show you the way to radiant, touchably soft skin the natural way. With her holistic lifestyle program, you'll good - and you'll feel even better.

You know there's no such thing as hope in a jar, some space-age product that will soften skin, erase wrinkles, and turn back the clock....but who hasn't stood at the mirror and wished for a miracle?

Barbara Close has something even better the information you need to make your skin soft, glowing, and radiant. Her holistic approach to skin care - not just cleanses and moisturizers, but eating well, exercising, and stress relief - will change your skin and your life.

Pure Skin is a no-nonsense guide to organic skin care. Barbara has created a whole new way to look at skin types - balanced, stress reactive, hormone reactive, environment reactive, or mature - and shows you how to care for your skin, from masks and facials to vitamin and supplements. She cuts through the beauty-industry hype and teaches you what those unpronounceable chemical ingredients really do to your skin. You'll also learn how to make all-natural products that are suited for you, based on the treatments at Barbara's famed Naturopathica Spa in New York. Plus, sections on detox, herbal remedies, and alternative therapies demystify these beneficial treatments for tough-to-treat skin problems.

Barbara puts her expert knowledge to work to create a customized skin-care routine that guarantees results. And whether you're mixing up a batch of Green Tea Toner, indulging in a facial sauna, or snacking on raspberries for their antiaging properties, you'll find that looking good never felt so good.

Pure Skin
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Author: Barbara Close
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