Purple Snow

Purple Snow

Snow in the middle of November in Australia...
Not just any snow. It's purple.
What on earth is Cockatoo thinking?
Snow is not purple. Or is it?

Cockatoo has travelled all the way from Australia to Polar Bear's home to see the white snow. But it's not what he expects.

When he invites his friends to see the purple snow that falls in Australia in summer each year, they laugh and laugh. Only Polar Beat is willing to make the trip. But at the end of an exhausting journey he is too tired to look for the purple snow. He falls asleep- and wakes up to a big surprise!

Can Cockatoo prove that there's purple snow in his home town?

Purple Snow is an original and beautiful picture book for children aged 3 years and older from the well-known illustrator of the bestselling The Koala Who Bounced. Eric Lobbecke takes an iconic Australian feature and translates it into a gorgeous tale that incorporates important modern environmental themes as well as friendship and travel.

Eric Lobbecke is an award-winning illustrator and cartoonist for books, newspapers, magazines and advertising. He has won two Walkley awards for best illustration, multiple Stanley awards for illustration and cartooning and two Bald Archies for satirical portraiture. Eric's cartoons have featured in exhibitions at the Mitchell Library and the Australian Museum, and he currently illustrates for The Australian, Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph. He has illustrated children's books including The Koala Who Bounced, What Rot! and The Galumpher. The Purple Snow is Eric's first book as writer and illustrator.

Review: Australian picture book with underlining messages of global warming and saving the wildlife.

Purple Snow
Random House Australia
Author: Eric Lobbecke
Price: $24.95