Pyro Watson and The Hidden Treasure

Pyro Watson and The Hidden Treasure

Pyro Watson and The Hidden Treasure

A rip-roaring adventure from a well loved storyteller and illustrator team. This is a story about boys' friendships - and surviving them!

Pyro Watson loves pirates, treasure and all things to do with maps and tales of long ago. When Pryo is stranded with his Aunt Mor in her caravan on the beach with her latest beau, Mr Stig, he has to call in his alter ego Simeon the Pirate to pass the long evenings and longer days.

While Aunt Mor is teaching Mr Stig to swim, Simeon spends time fighting battles at sea and pacing out maps. When Pyro finally meets another boy Min and his four-legged mate, Becks, things begin to look up.

Life at the holiday camp becomes even more interesting and then moves into downright dangerous as the local bullies, Plonker and his mates, decide to claim territorial rights to the beach. Pyro and Min must draw on Simeon's daring to defend themselves.

Pyro Watson and The Hidden Treasure is a story about the power of imagination and having the courage to stand up for yourself. From two award-winning creators, this novel is a perfect for readers aged 7 and upwards.

Nette Hilton is an established author of children's literature and has won several awards for her books, which range from early childhood to novels for older readers. Her work includes the forever popular A Proper Little Lady and The Web, both of which have won awards and have been translated into many languages. Sprite Downberry, Nette's recent novel for older readers, was shortlisted for the 2009 NSW Premier's Literary Awards.

Her work beyond teaching and writing includes regular workshops and author talks at many writing venues, including literature festivals around the country.

Pyro Watson and The Hidden Treasure
Woolshed Press
Author: Nette Hilton
Illustrator: Gregory Rogers
ISBN: 9781741664164
Price: $16.95