Claire Clarke says Hello

Claire Clarke says Hello

Claire Clarke says Hello

Independent Pop singer Claire Clarke has revealed a new level of maturity with her latest single, 'Hello'. Following on from the sassy single 'Shut Your Mouth', it's time to introduce 'Hello', a song which packs the sweetest punch and shows off another side of Claire's blooming musical personality.

'Hello' tells the story of a girl who has everything, is considered a perfect 10 but she can't find happiness. "I love the hook because it says 'I'm the luckiest girl in the world' but inside she just isn't," says the 20-year-old singer who released her first single four years ago. "It's really just a disguise and the song is saying a lot more than it's letting on."

Produced in Melbourne by Lindsay Gravina, 'Hello' is the second single from Claire's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Shut Your Mouth'.

Like one of Claire's big influences- Alanis Morissette- the song offers more than initially meets the ear. 'Hello' has the pop undercurrent Claire is known for around Australia but this time it's teamed with a somber-toned melody and lyrics which make you want to look more deeply. "This song is also about what people perceive your life to be versus what it really is," says Clarke whose voice, attitude and songwriting has been compared to Katy Perry, Garbage's Shirley Manson and Pink.

'Hello' has a pop and country music sound, Claire has captured the popular music genre and still been able to showcase her stunning voice. The real lyrics and backing band portray an Alanis Morissette sound, similar to that heard in Ironic.

Claire is known for her catchy chorus and fast passed verses, what stands out is the fact that whilst being a popular music artist her lyrics still make complete sense and represent a true storyline.

'Hello' is from Claire Clarke's debut album 'Shut Your Mouth', an album which demonstrates her ability to change her voice and music pattern throughout. You can dance and sing out loud to every single hit on 'Shut Your Mouth' even with tremendous lyrics and great music the album.

Claire has recently come off playing the Boost Mobile Rock the Schools tour, a hand-picked group of bands which performed 70 dates in local schools across Australia and provided workshops about the music industry. Alongside her music, Claire continues to be Western Australia's ambassador to WWF, Earth Hour, live music ambassador for clothing retailer Supre and ambassador for make-up house Napoleon Perdis.