Rainbow Magic Magical Animal Fairies

Rainbow Magic Magical Animal Fairies

Join Rachel, Kirsty and the Magical Animal Fairies for lots of magical fairy fun and adventure.

The Rainbow Magic Magical Animal Fairies look after seven young Magical Animals, and train them to use their powers wisely for the good of Fairyland and the human world.

But the animals have been stolen! Can they work together and find their animal friends again?

Rainbow Magic - Ashley the Dragon Fairy

The seven Magical Animals were captured by Jack Frost, but they managed to escape to the human world just in time! Can Rachel and Kirsty help Ashley find her young dragon, Sizzle before the goblins catch up with him...
ISBN 9781408303498 Ashley

Rainbow Magic - Lara the Black Cat Fairy

Lara's Magical Black Cat has had a very lucky escape from the naughty goblins, but they're determined to recapture her. It's up to Rachel and Kirsty to help Lara find the little Magical Animal before the goblins do...
ISBN 9781408303504 Lara
RRP: $9.99

Rainbow Magic - Erin the Firebird Fairy

Jack Frost's naughty goblins have stolen the Magical Animals, but they've managed to escape the human world. With Rachel and Kirsty's help, can Erin find Giggles the firebird and take him home to Fairyland?
ISBN 9781408303511 Erin
RRP: $9.99

Rainbow Magic - Rihanna the Seahorse Fairy

Rihanna's Magical Seahorse, Bubbles is learning to use his powers to make friendship really special in Fairyland and the human world. But thanks to the pesky goblins, he's gone missing. Can Kirsty and Rachel help to track him down?
ISBN 9781408303528 Rihanna
RRP: $9.99

Rainbow Magic - Sophia the Snow Swan Fairy

Belle, the Magical Snow Swan has escaped from Jack Frost, but Sophia doesn't know where she is. Luckily Rachel and Kirsty have spotted her, but the naughty goblins aren't far behind...
ISBN 9781408303535 Sophia
RRP: $9.99

Rainbow Magic - Leona the Unicorn Fairy

The seven Magical Animal have been stolen by Jack Frost and his troop of naughty goblins. The Magical Animal Fairies must find them before the young animals' powers cause chaos everywhere. Can Rachel and Kirsty help?
ISBN 9781408303542 Leona
RRP: $9.99

Rainbow Magic - Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy

Caitlin's Ice Bear, Crystal is the last Magical Animal Kirsty and Rachel must help to find. But Jack Frost and his naughty goblins are determined to capture her first so the race is on...
ISBN 9781408303559 Caitlin
RRP: $9.99

Rainbow Magic

The Rainbow Magic fairies are having a party in the grounds of the Fairyland Palace, and they'd like you to join them!

Rainbow Magic Sticker Activity Book
ISBN: 9781408304518

A fabulous new sticker activity book for all Rainbow Magic fans!

This great new Rainbow Magic sticker activity book is busting at the seams with quizzes, games, mazes and all sorts of other fantastic fairy fun!

Rainbow Magic Colouring Book
ISBN: 9781408304525

Join the Rainbow Magic fairies for lots of creative colouring fun!

Use your drawing and colouring skills to bring each page to life and help make the party a wonderful success!

Rainbow Magic Animal Fairies
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Daisy Meadows
Price: $12.99