Ridiculous Expectations - or how to find a prince

Ridiculous Expectations - or how to find a prince

Merridy Eastman thought her life could not possibly get any worse. After being rejected by the worst boyfriend in history, she found herself single, childless, poor and unemployed at forty-one.

Then she was invited to London by a British publisher, and the BBC said they were interested in adapting her first book for TV, and all her friends, colleagues and even taxi drivers were predicting that she would fall into the very best chapter of a Jane Austen novel, caught in the arms of several Darcys and Bingleys at once. Unfortunately things didn't quite turn out that way....

Expecting her life to suddenly take off with her new adventure and the possibility of a whirlwind romance, instead Merridy ended up sleeping on her crazy sister's couch for three months, died on national television, upset the Irish in a radio interview, was dudded by the BBC, and all the available Englishmen she met were either mad, homeless, or just plain rude. But there was a quiet man from Munich watching her from the wings; sympathising with her misfortunes and sending her encouraging text messages. But a German accent hadn't featured in Merridy's Jane Austen script at all.....

'Ridiculous Expectations' takes us on personal journey from Australia to London and then Germany, where Merridy now lives. It's about finding life and love after fory, and is a message of optmism for women everywhere that good things really do happen when you least expect it!

After working as a receptionist at a Sydney brothel, Merridy Eastman wrote the bestselling book, 'There's a Bear in There' 'And He Wants Swedish'. 'Ridiculous Expectations' is its sequel. She now lives in Munich with her husband Thomas and son, Henry. When she's not learning how to drive on the wrong side of the road, or how to speak Deutsch, she's writing her third book about an Australian actress adjusting to her new life as a writer and mother living in Bavaria called 'How Now Brown Frau?'

Allen & Unwin
Author: Merridy Eastman
ISBN: 9781741144956
RRP: $26.95