'Andy Mulligan's first foray into children's fiction is a blast of fresh air. Ribblestrop is dangerous, high-octane fun of the highest order: an outrageous delight'- the Guardian.

'If I had my time again I would without hesitation send my children to Ribblestrop'- Salley Vickers, author.

Ribblestrop is a boarding school like no other. It has roofless dormitories, distracted teachers a lethally dangerous underground labyrinth- no wonder the school motto is 'Life is Dangerous!'

Ribblestrop's visionary headmaster is out of his depth even before the pupils arrive- and when they do- what a bunch! There's Sanchez, a Colombian gangster's son hiding from kidnappers; Millie; an excluded arsonist and self-confessed wild child; Caspar, thel landlady's spoiled grandson; the helpful but hapless Sam and his best friend Ruskin, plus a handful of orphans from overseas, who are just happy to have beds- even if they are located in a roofless part of the building.

This higgledy muddled up school, located in a burnt out mansion, also has a variety of bizarre residents, ranging from an evil grandmother to the devout monks who tend the gardens. With a host of zany individuals on Ribblestrop's staff it is perhaps not surprising that this institution quickly becomes the centre of comedic chaos!

Anything could happen- and anything does.

Andy Mulligan was brought up in the south of London. He worked as a theatre director for ten years before travels in Asia prompted him to retrain as a teacher. He has taught English and drama in India, Brazil, the Philippines and the UK. He now divides his time between London and Manila. Ribblestrop is his first book.

Ages 11+
Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Andy Mulligan
ISBN: 9781847382306
Price: $16.99