Ruby Roars

Ruby Roars

The award winning team that brought you Miss Lily's Fabulous Pink Feather Boa are back.

Little Ruby wants to scare someone. 'Scrrr! Screekle!' she yowls. Butt he other animals aren't frightened at all. What can she do?

A warm, bouncy, romping story about finding your own voice.

Author: Margaret Wild
"From the time they play Peek-a-boo, I think small children get a lot of pleasure out of 'scaring' their parents, so this is what I tried to show in this story. It's also about growing up, learning new skills and pride in newly found abilities. I hadn't intended the family to be Tasmanian devils - that was Kerry Argent's suggestion. I found it very challenging to try to come up with appropriate noises."

Margaret Wild is one of Australia's most respected and popular childrne's authors. Since her first book in 1984, Margaret has published over 50 books, including many shortlisted and award-winning picture books, such as Old Pig, Rosie and Tortoise, Fox and the Young Adult verse novels Jinx and One Night.

Artist: Kerry Argent
"The text started as a story about a ghost. I loved the story but just couldn't imagine drawing a ghost. The original screekle noise suggested a Tasmaniam Devil and I also had been long aware of this awful disease which is threatening to wipe them out. I also felt the devil to be a misunderstood animal. They really are all noise and no action. They're not savage hunters. So I suggested the character should be a devil."

Kerry Argetn is one of Australia's most highly acclaimed illustrators. Her first picture book, One Woolly Wombat, was published while she was still at art school and went on to become an international bestseller. Kerry worked with many fine writers to produce such favourites as Sebastian Lives in a Hat, Wombat Divine (wiht Mem Fox), and her own India the Showstopper.

Ruby Roars
Allen &Unwin
ISBN: 9781741146134
RRP: $24.95

* Royalties will go to Save the Tasmanian Devil