Ruby Rogers Yeah Whatever

Ruby Rogers Yeah Whatever

Ruby's older brother is being a complete loser by failing to fall for wonderful Holly. And Ruby's best friend, Yasmin, is trying to take over everything as usual. The second in this bubbly, funny series about the joys and hardships of being ten.

Ruby is determined to get her moody older brother Joe to fall for glamorous, charismatic Holly Helvellyn. Despite her best efforts to engineer a number of promising situations for Holly and Joe, a series of unexpected setbacks and disasters thwart her efforts - some due to Joe's personality, some due to Holly's, some due to the sheer cussedness of the universe.

At least Ruby can be assured of her best friend Yasmin's loyalty and devotion. Or can she? To prove their loyalty to one another, the friends sign up to a Solemn Pact, but soon afterwards, at Ashcroft Junior School's disco, Ruby spies Yasmin wantonly frolicking with Dan Pearson and whispering tantalisingly with Hannah Levitt! Ruby is faced with a crisis of epic proportions.

Relationships! Why bother? Ruby is tempted to retire to her tree house and live with her monkeys for the rest of her life.

A lighthearted series with a truly likeable young character and just the right mix of warmth and humour that Sue Limb is known for.

About the Author:
Sue's writing career started in London around 1980, with various assignments for magazines and newspapers, and her first radio work, Big and Little, which won a Sony Award for Best Children's Programme. Sue's children's books include Big and Little, China Lee, Me Jane, Big Trouble and Mr Loopy and Mrs Snoopy. Come Back Grandma (Random House) was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize. Sue has written three books for Bloomsbury in the bestselling Girl, 15 series. She lives on an organic farm in a remote part of Gloucestershire.

Ruby Rogers Yeah Whatever
Allen and Unwin
Author: Sue Limb
Ages: 7 to 9
ISBN: 9780747583226
RRP: $13.95

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