Saltwater Moon

Saltwater Moon

Nothing is more complicated than being a teenager. First loves, sexual relationships, fragile friendships, family disputes and school.

At 17-years-of-age, Sun's life instantly becomes difficult when she embarks on her first real love and sexual relationship with Tycho. They exchange secret poems and visit each other regularly. Everything is smooth sailing.

But when Sun is invited down to his parents' beach house for the weekend, she is dragged into a whirl of events that she never expected. To her shock, it seems as if Tycho is still involved with someone else.

At a party, Sun is plunged into a powerful relationship with Mark, who used to be with Sun's best friend, Nicky. Sun's life is instantly turned on its head. Nicky won't talk to her, Sun falls from her house and breaks an arm, and Sun struggles to deal with the issues surrounding her first sexual relationship with Tycho and his deception.

This powerful story sensitively explores teen issues of friendship, betrayal, family difficulties, and most intensely of all, first loves, first sexual experiences and the complex feelings that surround it.

Julie Gittus:has had short stories broadcasted on ABC radio and included in Australian anthologies. She has participated in readings and presentations at a number of literary festivals, including the Varuna Long-Lines Community Week in the Blue Mountains. Julie is sometimes inspired to transform her stories into hand-made books, which she exhibits at regional art festivals. Twice awarded a residential place in the Varuna Writers' House Masterclass Program, Saltwater Moons is her first novel.

Saltwater Moon
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Julie Gittus
ISBN: 9780734410290
Price: $17.99