Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space

Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space

Ruby Rogers is about to turn ten. She wants to be a gangster when she grows up. This is a bubbly, funny perspective on the joys and hardships of being the youngest in a family and having a moody older brother and a bossy best friend.

Ruby wants nothing more than a tree house for her birthday. Problem is, there aren't any trees in her garden, and her family laugh off the idea. Ruby's furious, but then life takes a turn for the better when, through her best friend Yasmin, she meets Holly Helvellyn, a super-cool Gothic girl who's friends with Yasmin's older sister.

It turns out Holly rather fancies Ruby's older brother Joe - the brooding artist in Year 12 who has a strange habit of talking in newspaper headlines. One day Holly asks Ruby to steal something from Joe's bedroom for a joke, setting off a chain of events that culminate in some very unexpected but pleasant surprises . . .

About the Author:
Sue's writing career started in London around 1980, with various assignments for magazines and newspapers, and her first radio work, Big and Little, which won a Sony Award for Best Children's Programme. Other radio projects have included the series Up The Garden Path, The Wordsmiths At Gorsemere, and The Sit-Crom. Up The Garden Path was adapted by Sue for television and three series were produced by Humphrey Barclay and Granada Television. Sue's children's books include China Lee, Me Jane, Big Trouble and Mr loopy and Mrs Snoopy. Come Back Grandma is published by Random House and was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize. Sue has written three books in the best-selling Girl series for Bloomsbury. This is a first in a series for younger readers. She lives on an organic farm in a remote part of Gloucestershire.

Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space
Allen & Unwin
Author: Sue Limb
Junior fiction
ISBN: 9780747583219
RRP: $13.95

Review: Awsome pre-teen novel on peers & family influences.

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