Get summer ready with this 3-step foot care routine

Get summer ready with this 3-step foot care routine

Get summer ready with this 3-step foot care routine

Challenge yourself to love your feet as much as your face


●      Scholl's 3-step foot care routine makes velvet smooth feet easy

●      With skin 20 times thicker than the rest of our body, our feet need specific products

●      Healthy feet are the foundation of wellbeing, fitness and enjoying life


After a winter in hibernation, summer sees our feet emerging from slippers and socks into sandals and slip ons. It is therefore now more important than ever to care for them and ensure they shine this summer!


But taking care of your feet isn't just about getting them looking great. Foot health is directly linked to our overall wellbeing. Thanks to experts in foot care Scholl, healthy, happy feet are now easier than ever to achieve in 3 easy steps.


"With our feet playing such a big part in our day-to-day from all things fitness to fun, it is vital we look after them properly, says Global podiatrist, Jo McCardle from Scholl. "Feet are essential to keeping us moving, social, working and getting enough exercise throughout our life."


Research shows that 34% of people experience dry feet and the skin on our feet is 20 times thicker than that on the rest of the body.[1] So isn't it time to treat our feet with the specialist care they deserve?


Scholl have made it easier than ever to treat the unique needs of the thicker foot skin with their 3-step foot care routine. Velvety smooth and healthy feet will give you the confidence to bare all this summer and following this regime will see visibly healthier feet from the first application. 


Scholls 3-Step Routine to Healthy Feet:

●      Step 1 - Exfoliate and Remove Hard/Dry Skin

For instant results, remove the hard skin and exfoliate your feet once a week with Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot Care System to keep them soft and healthy. Helping to bring healthy new skin to the surface, reducing bacteria, and providing a clear a direct path to deliver the nutrients your skin needs when moisturising, Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot Care System can be used wet or dry and even works on especially thick or hard skin.

Our feet support the entire weight of our body resulting in aging with layers of dry and dead skin. Exfoliation not only helps many skin problems, but it also increases blood circulation which promotes healthy glowing skin.

●      Step 2 – Moisturise your feet

Indulge your feet in a Scholl ExpertCare Nourish PediMask (also available in Aloe Vera single pouch and Macadamia Oil Multipack) once a week to keep them hydrated. The mask helps the cream stay in place during the treatment, to provide intense nourishment and long-lasting hydration after just one 20-minute application.

Dry skin puts our feet at risk as it does not provide a good barrier to protect them from harm. By adequately moisturising and hydrating feet, this replenishes the skin barrier, keeping the dryness away and protecting the skin.

●      Step 3 - Repair Cracked Skin

Apply Scholl Eulactol Heel Balm Gold twice daily for a week to soften and hydrate cracked, dry and rough heels. You will see visible results in just three days. Eulactol Heel Balm contains Urea to soften and rehydrate the skin on your feet, is dermatologically tested, fast absorbing, fragrance free and non-greasy.

As the thick skin on the heel becomes dry and hard, it is more prone to cracking. Repairing cracked skin will improve circulation and provide smoother, soften and hydrated feet all year round.

Don't forget your feet this summer! Nothing more embarrassing than flaky feet with dry cracked skin, how to ruin an outfit right. Scholl's range of footcare products will have your feet back to normal, moisturised and looking their best.  With so many products to choose from, where do you start, well I can't go with Electronic Foot Care System, this will smooth out any roughness caused by warmth in the air or walking on sand. Back this up with Heal Balm Gold to keep your feet moisturised and looking smooth.  During the warmer months, feet dry out a lot faster so a PediMask will nourish dried out feet. Dry feet can feel more sensitive so invest in these Scholl footcare products, you won't regret it.


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