Sex Stuff They Don't Tell You at School by Josie Montano

Sex Stuff They Don't Tell You at School by Josie Montano

Sexual Health classes at school normally focus on boring anatomy and scientific terminology, not on covering the many questions teenagers have about sex. Parents feel uncomfortable talking about these topics, so what's a curious teenager to do?

'Sex Stuff They Don't Tell You at School' is a frank and funny guide which answers all those really embarrassing questions: What on earth does that word mean? He wants me to what? Is that normal?

Using clear and accurate explanations of sexual terms that are relevant to teenagers - both male and female - each topic is presented in an easily accessible alphabetical order ranging from 'A' Abortion, through 'N' for Nipples to 'W' for Wetdream.

'Sex Stuff They Don't Tell You at School' is a great way for teens to explore taboo subjects, and also a means for parents and teachers to introduce difficult topics if they are too intimidated by their hormone-raging teens to talk openly themselves.

Josie Montano lives with her family in Brisbane, and works as a full-time writer. She has worked in the primary school environment as a teacher-aide, secretary and library-aide. Josie has completed a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Josie was inspired to write 'Sex Stuff They Don't Tell You at School' because she felt there was a lack of information about sex explained in a clear, straightforward and non-embarrassing way. The mother of two teenagers, she feels it is important that they, and their friends, have access to as much accurate information as possible so they are better equipped for making decisions that are best for themselves.

Sex Stuff
Lothian Books
Author: Josie Montano
ISBN: 0734408781
RRP: $17.95

Praise to Josie, tackling the real teen questions and preparing readers for all aspects of teen sexuality. Every teen should arm themselves with a copy of 'Sex Stuff They Don't Tell You at School' and understand the boundaries, terminology and comfort zones.