Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue

The breathtaking adventure of George and Edie come to a spectacular finale here in Silver Tongue, the third installment of the amazing Stoneheart trilogy.

Travelling through the eerie and dangerous world of UnLondon, George and Edie find themselves alone and having to rely upon one another. Despite the familiar streets, buildings and landmarks, this world is chillingly different, and home to many strange beings.

As the end of their perilous journey draws near, both George and Edie reflect on the passage of time, and in particular, how the roads of fate stretch out from the past, through their present, and into the future.

Charlie Fletcher's Stoneheart series has captured audiences with its story's accessibility and complexity. Fast-paced, fantastical and utterly thrilling from page to page. Silver Tongue is suspenseful and exciting ending to this supernatural thriller trilogy!

The first part of this trilogy, Stone Heart, has been sold to Paramount as a major feature film to be directed by Scott Rudin. Release date not yet announced.

Charlie Fletcher studied English Literature at university and began his career in the film business carrying cans of film round Soho and making very bad cups of tea. He progressed to the BBC where he world in film editing. He then went to California where he morphed into a screen writer, having been awarded a Warner Brothers Fellowship in Screenwriting in USC School of Cinema and TV. He's written screenplays for Tri-Star, MGM, Paramount and Warner Bros among others. He continues to write for the moves, and also television. Finally he wrote Stoneheart trilogy, which has been a massive international hit. Charlie lives in California with his family.

Silver Tongue
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Charlie Fletcher
ISBN: 978030911679
Price: $17.99

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