It should come as no surprise that Natalie Bssingthwaighte was not shy growing up. The second of four girls, she was outspoken and a show off, putting on shows for her family, friends and anyone who would watch. A career in the performing arts didn't seem to be a particular stretch!

It did, however, take Natalie some time to realise her dream of performing. And she had her insecurities. From being a late developer and skinny (she had the nicknames 'licorice legs' and 'the young and the breastless'); to trying myriad jobs before finally doing what made her truly happy.

Youngest sister Nicky was the complete opposite: shy and lacking confidence, and attending the same performing arts high school (where she was often compared to her older sister) she always felt like she'd never measure up. Many a time she'd cry and couldn't understand why she wasn't as outgoing and exciting as those around her.

Things changed when she left school, went to beauty college and then studied herbal medicine and counseling. With every new thing she learnt, she felt more confident. Nicky is now studying Political Philosophy at the University of Wollongong, will move with her family to Malaysia later in the year to continue her studies, and is looking forward to writing about developing countries and their people.

Sistahood is a book that both girls would've loved when they were young. Both know the challenges of teenage life and hope that the book will equip pre-teen girls with the tools they need to be confident teenagers and realise their dreams and goals in life.

Sistahood is Natalie and Nicky's story, filled with quizzes, questionnaires, and pages for readers to write down their innermost thoughts and feelings so they can create their very own journal. Sharing their own wishes and dreams, Natalie and Nicky will show girls how to work out their strengths and weaknesses, how to believe in themselves and to love being who they are.

Review: A rare insight in the lives of sisters Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Nicky Moore. A very personal journal that gives the reader inspiration and the ability to reflect on your life and it's wonderful treasures. Sistahood takes you on a journey of self discovery while you take a rare look behind Natalie & her family and what it means to be part of a Sistahood with family or friends.

ABC Books
Authors: Natalie Bassingthwaighte & Nicky Moore
ISBN: 9780733323492
RRP: $21.95