Spies is a truly interactive experience exploring the murky and mysterious world of espionage.

In the secret world of espionage, nothing is quite as it seems. Allies are not to be trusted; friends may prove anything but; and unforeseen circumstances may turn enemies into reliable comrades.

If anything the reality of espionage is altogether more fascinating than the fiction. No self-respected writer, for example, would have a character attempt to assassinate a world leader with a cigar, yet real intelligence agencies have tried this strategy.

For children, the world of spies is at once thrilling and puzzling. The dangerous, exciting lives of secret agents fascinate them, and provide endless potential for fantasy and improvisation.

Spies explores both sides of espionage. It traces the origins of the spy as fictional action hero, and compares today's screen and paper spies to the real thing. Fantastic special items integrated into the pages of the book enhance the thrill.

Clive Gifford is an award-winning writer whose first book was published at the age of seventeen. He has received commendation from PBS, the Smithsonian Museum and NAPPA and received the TES Information Book of the Year award. He has also worked as a features writer for Real Robots magazine and has written over 80 non-fiction books.

Review: a collectors treasure, Spies gives a great insight into the world of espionage.

ABC Books
Author: Clive Gifford
ISBN: 9780733323737
Price: $35.00