Spyolgoy The Complete Book of Spycraft

Spyolgoy The Complete Book of Spycraft

Containing an array of hidden compartments, booklets, code cards, snap-cover sunglasses, a corner mirror, a paper aeroplane and much more.

This top-secret volume, entitled Spyology: The Complete Book of Spycraft, purports to be the work of agent Spencer Blake, alias Agent K.

A highly confidential manual about an undercover mission has been discovered amongst archive files in an ex-government bunker in Surrey.

Spyology is the only evidence of Blake's mission to track down members of CODEX- a powerful criminal organisation- and so prevent a deadly attack by them.

Blake's mission takes him from the Scottish Highlands to the swamps of Cuba, hot on the trail of CODEX and its mysterious boss, Ace. Aided by CIA Operative Cora Cruz, Blake discovers a terrifying plot by CODEX, and sets out to foil their deadly plan.

Written in 1957, the manual contains highly confidential information about the history of spycraft, techniques and skills for trainee agents and examples of codes and ciphers, as well as Blake's personal notes on his secret mission.

It even contains a special filter device in the cover of the book that can be used to reveal hidden secrets within and a Cryptotron code wheel to decipher coded messages. officials have submitted the book for further analysis, as they believe it may contain many more hidden messages and secret compartments.

A facsimile edition of Spyology: The Complete Book of Spycraft has now been declassified and is to be released by Ology publishers, The Five Mile Press.

The Ology series has sold over 15 million books in 32 languages world-wide and more than 1 million books in Australia. Dragonology and Egyptology, recently featured in The Age's Top 20 Children's Books list.

Spyology takes the series to a whole new level, with more novelty elements and hidden compartments than ever before.

Spyolgoy The Complete Book of Spycraft
The Five Mile Press
Illustrators: Ian Andrew, Anne Yvonne Gilbert, Tomislav Tomic and Helen Ward.ISBN: 9781742114071
Price: $34.95