Travel Kids - Squeak The Boy with No Voice

Travel Kids - Squeak The Boy with No Voice

Fantastic fun for long journeys and holidays, each book in the Travel Kids series features a chapter story to keep kids absorbed - whether in the car, bus, train or plane, or even sitting at home during those long, boring school holidays. Each book also features games, activities and every other boredom-busting, tedium terminating, dullness disintegrating extra you can think of.

Squeak Evans is a pretty normal kind of boy except for one thing - he can't talk. His best friend Natalie convinces him to audition for the Rock Eisteddfod - it's only dance and music, after all. But when it's time to show the judges what he can do, Squeak learns that he needs to be able to sing to get the part. Can Doctor Von Schprecken, the world's only Sniffuar-bioherbologist, help Squeak find his voice?

Includes a guide to reading in the car and not throwing up.

Squeak The Boy with No Voice
Publisher: Random House Australia
Author: Tim Levy
ISBN: 1741660432
RRP: $11.95