Stories for Seven Year Olds

Stories for Seven Year Olds

A collection of stories specially chosen for seven year olds.

A man with a magnificant nose, a wild boy who lives by the sea, a crooked little finger and an elephant's child, seven dwarfs who save a princess, a racing hippo and a dog who's a best man, a nightingale with the sweetest song on earth, a girl who says she lives in a mansion and an escaping'll find all these in Stories for 7 Year Olds. And you'll find some of your favourite authors too. Start reading and you won't want to stop.

The stories for each age group have been especially chosen by children's anthologist and publisher, Linsay Knight, and she has tailored them to suit the interests and reading abilities of young readers as, year by year, they gain in confidence and want to be extended. Jobi Murphy, the illustrator and designer, has taken reading requirements, such as ratio of text to illustration and type size, into account when putting the books together. The books look friendly and accessible and are a must for children who like to be read to or who want a good read.

Stories for Seven Year Olds
Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN: 1741660017
RRP: $14.95