Sue Ostler - Relationships that Rock & Get On With It

Sue Ostler - Relationships that Rock & Get On With It

Relationships That Rock, The smart girls guide to meeting & keeping the perfect partner.
By Sue Ostler

What do women want? The candid answers that nobody else will give you about sex, lust and bad boy-itis. Thankfully, Sue Ostler has come to the rescue.

We've all figured out that there is no time-tested secrets fro capturing Mr Right. We're too smart for that crap. And Sue Ostler isn't one of those 'relationship experts' who tells others how to snare their man and then leaves them high and dry when it comes to relationship maintenance. Instead, in 'Relationships That Rock' Sue serves up some survival tips and practical advice on all things romantic.

Save yourself years of pain and trauma by learning the short cuts to help you avoid relationship hell and go straight to relationship heaven. Full of interviews with fabulous love-savvy women, it offers a refreshingly intelligent alternative to the outrageously unrealistic cliched messages women see and hear everyday from books, magazines, television advertisements, workmates and relatives.

A thinking woman's guide to dating smarter, playing harder and holding your own in the relationship stakes. It will show you how to keep a cool head while dramatically increasing your chances of meeting a like-minded soul mate without relinquishing your pride, self respect and dignity. It will make you laugh and cry, but most of all help you on your journey to glorious couplesville.

Get real with Sue, she tells it like it is and gives you the tips & advice that your best friend should but often doesn't. Insightful and down to earth logic.

Get On With It, How to be sassy, successful & single.
By Sue Ostler

This is the definitive single person's guide: a funky, user friendly A-Z of learning to love life on your own.

Almost have the married people in Australia are divorcing, and over the past decade marriage rates hve dropped by fifty percent. In other words there is almost double the number of singles among us & we need to learn how to make the most of it.

'Get on with it' is for women of all ages and is packed with hundreds of tips, stories, practical advice, suggestions, examples, quotes and information to help prepare you for the single times. Issues like fitness, money, dating and casual sex are all covered, making this the perfect pocket handbook to help you negotiate your way through singlesville.

'Get on with it' challenges the myth that we need to be in love all the time, and encourages women to stop thinking about the times between relationships as the in-between times and instead use it as a time to reinvest in themselves.

Sue tells us that we don't need a relationship to be the happiest and healthiest we can be. Instead, we need to use our 'single time' to create a life that we've always wanted, and Get on with it', and attacking life with the same vengeance that we reserve for relationships. It's also a springboard for gaining healthy new relationships.

A refreshing look at single life and the benefits of standing on your own two feet.