The Chaos Code

The Chaos Code

An action-adventure of codes, ancient secrets, the Peruvian jungle - and Atlantis.

Matt's dad has disappeared. An eminent archaeologist, he's left Matt only a coded message with a bizarre set of instructions: clues that lead Matt to the enigmatic Julius Venture and on to a world-wide treasure hunt.

The race is on to find a lost treasure so powerful that it could change the world. Desperate to rescue his father, Matt knows he must get to the treasure first. With the help of Venture's daughter Robin, and the sponsorship of an enthusiastic billionaire, Matt is soon crossing continents, deciphering codes and exploring ancient ruins in an exhausting bid to stay one step ahead of his enemies.

But ancient powers are stirring, and all paths seem to lead to the same place - a magnificent pyramid hidden in the Peruvian jungle. The world isn't ready for what Matt's about to discover. An ancient secret that that could re-write history books. A secret that could blow open the greatest mystery of all: Atlantis.

About Justin Richards
Justin Richards is the author of The Death Collector. He has written over twenty novels as well as non-fiction books. He has also written audio scripts, a television and stage play, edited anthologies of short stories, been a technical writer, and founded and edited a media journal. He is best known for his series of children's books The Invisible Detective, and as Creative Director of the BBC's highly-successful range of Doctor Who books. Justin lives in Warwick with his wife and two children, and a lovely view of the castle.

The Chaos Code
Allen & Unwin
Author: Justin Richards
ISBN: 9780571229437
RRP: $16.95