The Chestnut King

The Chestnut King

The Chestnut King

The thrilling conclusion to the bestselling 100 Cupboards series!

When Henry York found ninety-nine cupboards hidden behind his bedroom wall, he never dreamed they were doors to entirely new worlds! Unfortunately, Henry's discovery freed an ancient, undying witch, whose hunger for power could destroy every world connected to the cupboards - and every person whom Henry loves. Henry must seek out the legendary Chestnut King for help. Everything has a price, however, and the Chestnut King's desire may be as dangerous as the witch herself.

N. D. Wilson concludes a remarkable, worlds-spanning journey that began with one boy and one hundred avenues to adventure.

  • 9+ lovers of a good fantasy in the tradition of CS Lewis and Diana Wynne Jones
  • The third and final book in the acclaimed trilogy that began with 100 Cupboards
  • A writer who knows what kids want to read and gives it to them
  • A true fantasy that takes a modern boy through the Chestertonian discovery that the world really is a mad, mad place (and beyond).

    'This is my favourite kind of fantasy, combining the secret and the ordinary, featuring heroes grounded in the everyday.' -Tamora Pierce
    'A must-read series.' The Washington Post
    'Wilson's writing is fantastical, but works with clever sentences and turns of phrase that render it more than just another rote fantasy.' Kirkus Reviews
    'One of the most fascinating new fantasy worlds grown on American soil since Oz.'
    'An appealing blend of genuine creepiness and kindly domesticity' The Bulletin of The Centre for Children's Books.

    N.D. Wilson is a Fellow of Literature at New Saint Andrews College, where he teaches classical rhetoric. He is also the managing editor of Credenda/Agenda, a small Trinitarian cultural journal, as well as the author of Leepike Ridge, an adventure novel for young readers. He married a girl stolen from the ocean, and the two of them now live in Idaho with their four children.

    The Chestnut King
    Random House Australia
    Author: N.D. Wilson
    ISBN: 9781864719727
    Price: $18.95

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