The Cloudchasers The East Wind

The Cloudchasers The East Wind

The Cloudchasers The East Wind

The thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed The Cloudchasers has arrived.

A lavishly produced graphic novel/picture book hybrid, with enchanting digital illustrations throughout.

When Alice, Thomas and Spinner discover they must find the Banker's father to complete thtie quest, their search takes them to terrifying and fantastic worlds. On their travels through the peril of the Lopper's world to the freezing, desolate waste of Tebbit's land of nightmares, they encounter the Wandering Seers, a sand-monster bureaucrat, Mad King George and daffy Forgetmeknot and his homemade flying craft.

Will Alice ever find the Banker's father? Can she and her companions avoid the relentless Catcher and his minions? And what secret does Spinner hold that will decide the fate of them all?

Full of unexpected twists and turns, fantasy and adventure, The Cloudchasers The East Wind is a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the Cloudchaser saga.

Steven Hunt is an award-winning graphic, designer and illustrator. He has worked in advertising agencies, as a lecturer, and now runs his own design company, Pigs Might Fly. Steve lives in Balnarring Beach, Victoria.

David Richardson is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and has written many full-length screenplays. David has a number of writing projects in development and is finishing his first novel. He lives in Melbourne.

The Cloudchasers The East Wind
ABC Books
Authors: Steven Hunt and David Richardson
ISBN: 9780733325687
Price: $39.99