The Circle: Gift - By Melaina Faranda

The Circle: Gift - By Melaina Faranda

Meet the ten very different girls who make up THE CIRCLE, a spellbinding new series about life, love and magic...

A strange hill.
A hidden room.
A book of spells.
A gorgeous guy she cannot trust.

The last time Jess saw her grandmother, Rhiannon, she was five years old. Separated by a family rift and kept in the dark by her mother's mysterious silence, Jess knows little of her heritage.

Lately, Jess has been experiencing strange dreams and senses her grandmother is in trouble. When Rhiannon becomes gravely ill, Jess and her mother must put the past behind them and travel to Glastonbury. Thrilled by the prospect of returning to the land of King Arthur, Jess soon discovers Glastonbury has a for more interesting history than she could have imagined; a history her mother is desperate to keep from her.

Lured by the hypnotic pull of the hill called the Tor and the tales of the locals, Jess is rapidly pulled into a magical world of fairy folk and love spells. Then there is gorgeous Dylan, who soon proves to be the most intriguing of all Glastonbury attractions, but cannot be trusted.

Deep in the Tor, trouble is brewing and it seems to be the cause of Rhiannon's illness... Someone starts using dark magic to destroy her grandmother, despite her mother's firm instructions, Jess is determined to discover the truth but in doing so she realises it is time to accept the power of The Gift.

Outside Review:
'This book is brilliant, it has a power over you, and you cannot put it down. I recommend it for 13 years and up and to anyone who likes a little romance and some magic. I give it 10/10.' Carlie, aged 16, YARA website.

Easy reading, spellbinding, with some nice twists here and there. Definitely a worthwhile read to anyone who loves a touch of magic.