The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

Ranger's Apprentice 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja

Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Ja but he has failed to return. Evanlyn is worried, and in company with Will and Alyss, she sets out to discover what has become of their old friend.

They find that Horace has become embroiled in Nihon-Jan politics. The arrogant Senshi sect has rebelled against the rightful Emperor and Horace has chosen to stay and lend support to the deposed ruler. Now he and Will must find men willing to face the highly trained Senshi warriors, while Alyss and Evanlyn must overcome their longstanding rivalry to seek aid from a mysterious group of mountain dwellers.

John Flanagan's bestselling Ranger's Apprentice adventure series originally comprised twenty short stories, which John wrote to encourage his twelve-year-old son, Michael, to enjoy reading. The series has come a long way since then. Now sold to more than twenty countries, the series regularly appears on the New York Times Bestseller List and has been shortlisted in children's book awards in Australia and overseas. John, a former television and advertising writer, lives with his wife, Leonie, in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly. He is currently writing further titles in the Ranger's Apprentice series.

Ranger's Apprentice 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
Random House Australia
Author: John Flanagan
ISBN: 9781741664485
Price: $17.99

Interview with John Flanagan

Question: What originally inspired you to write the Ranger's Apprentice adventure series?

John Flanagan: The series began life as a set of 20 short stories written for my son Michael, to encourage him to read. Some years later, I turned those stories into the first book and it all grew from there.

Question: How many more books can we expect in the Ranger's Apprentice adventure series?

John Flanagan: There will be 12 books in the series. Possibly, a prequel or two as well. But I'm about to begin a new series, set in the same world, but with different characters.

Question: How do you go about creating storylines for this series?

John Flanagan: Once I have the initial idea, I toss it around in my mind for several weeks/months, taking notes as I go. Then I formalise it by writing a four page outline. Then I write a chapter by chapter outline (usually about 18-20 pages) and I keep that by me as I write, making additional notes from time to time.

Question: Are the characters based on anyone you know?

John Flanagan: Will is base d on my son Michael. As to the others, I'd better not say for fear of libel suits.

Question: How much of your inspiration comes from real life and real people?

John Flanagan: Not too much from real life. I've never been locked up in a castle or spirited away to Skandia on a wolfship or attacked by blood crazed Wargals. But the locations are often base d on places I've seen and visited.

As to real people, see the above answer. Halt was based on my 6th grade teacher - but I never realised it at the time I was developing the character. I think it all came from my subconscious.