The Flying Orchestra

The Flying Orchestra

The Flying Orchestra

Have you ever wondered who's playing the soundtrack to your life?

First time author and illustrator Clare McFadden explores the magic underpinning everyday life in The Flying Orchestra, a whimsical picture book about an orchestra that flies the skies playing the music that is everywhere.

The Flying Orchestra is an inspiring story exploring music and the idea that, whether we hear it or not, an orchestra is constantly playing for us. Clare's beautifully composed illustrations feature familiar Australian landscapes adorned with the figures of the Flying Orchestra and their instruments.

Some days are so windy that even the angels lose their balance from the top of City Hall. It's always a day like this when the Flying Orchestra blows into town.

The Flying Orchestra plays for every occasion. For someone who misses their train, for a traveler coming home, when a baby is born or when someone learns to ride their bike. Whatever the day, whatever the event, wherever the location, the orchestra will be there to play a concerto, a sonata or even a violin solo.

Inspired by a walk around the suburbs of Brisbane, Clare's eye-catching illustrations use acrylic and pencil on rag paper to depict everyday Australian places- shopping centres, suburban streets, the beach- through a magical and extraordinary perspective.

Younger readers will discover music in the most unlikely places and will be encouraged to listen for the orchestra performing in their own lives.

And wherever they are, the Flying Orchestra play their best and most beautiful music, for no reason in particular, but just because someone is listening.

Become immersed in this stunning picture book and soar through the sky with the Flying Orchestra.

Clare McFadden is a designer and producer of arts based work for children. She currently works at the State Library of Queensland where she is Manager of The Corner, a creative space for under 8s. Prior to working at State Library, Clare was Artistic Development Coordinator at Backbone Youth Arts. She has worked as a set designer for theatre, film and music productions and her illustrations have been exhibited in group and solo shows. The Flying Orchestra is her first picture book.

The Flying Orchestra
Author: Clare McFadden
ISBN: 9780702237041
Price: $24.95