The Forgotten Spell

The Forgotten Spell

The Forgotten Spell is not an ordinary book. Dare to open it and YOU will be entering the strange and dangerous world of Suidemor, the evil city of the Faeries. In this book, you will have to decide which way to go, which creatures to trust, and ultimately, how the story ends.

Your quest is to find the Forgotten Spell, long ago destroyed by the hand that first devised it, the powerful warlock, Olcrada. You must flee his clutches and search the city by following the instructions at the end of each paragraph. You can also cast spells, collect valuables, and solve puzzles. Your courage and spell-casting ability will be tested against the myriad of evil foe that awaits you. Will you survive?

Louisa Dent was born in South Africa, educated in New Zealand, and lived in England and Scotland before settling in Australia where she works in a children's bookshop. This is her first book.

The Forgotten Spell
Allen & Unwin
Author: Louisa Dent
Series: The Spellcaster Gamebooks
ISBN: 9781840467314
RRP: $14.95

Review: Hail the return of gamebooks, get way to empower the reader to choose which way the story should go.